The Uniform Resource Engine™

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The Resource Engine Unleashed

We freed the browser-based resource engine from its origins in publishing and hypermedia and turned it into a full-fledged distributed, highly-scalable computing engine.

In doing so, we show how the Web/REST is a subset of general Resource Oriented Computing®.

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Microservice Composition

Combine solutions from thousands of ready-to-use microservices. Create new services in your preferred language (proceedural and declarative) or take advantage of browser-like recursive resource compositing.

Caching / Systemic Memoisation

A browser caches web requests; NetKernel caches all resource state even computations. NetKernel uniquely delivers systemic memoisation with atomic dependent consistency.


Every resource and every service is spacially located. Computed state is therefore consistent and contextually meaningful.

With contextual integrity, hard problems, such as security, are dramatically simplified. Minimise computation as NetKernel automatically discovers contextually common resource state.

Engineering Control

Functional and non-functional engineering components are treated consistently. Throttles, validation, security boundaries, etc., may be orthogonally overlayed over functional services to implement adaptively engineered systems.

NetKernel® – the power of a Uniform Resource Engine

A browser is a special resource oriented client-operating-system for the Web. It is dedicated to HTTP, HTML and web publishing/applications. It fetches resource representations, manages cache consistency (temporal), minimizes network transfers, composites and renders HTML, and executes page-based scripts and WASM byte-code.

NetKernel is a general resource oriented client-server operating system. Like a browser, it manages resource state, cache consistency (temporal, dependency, contextual), minimizes network transfers, provides compositing languages, supports code with many language runtimes.

But it is not tied to HTTP, it hosts microservice endpoints in protocol agnostic address spaces. While REST is a subset, ROC is a general abstraction in which everything is a resource: files, networks (client and server), scripts, composites, code, even computational state and spacial architectures.

A Uniform Resource Engine - A New Approach: Resource Oriented Computing

The NetKernel microkernel implements and embodies the ROC abstraction. It efficiently manages resource requests, scheduling, endpoint resolution and caching.

  • Tiny embeddable component.
  • Exceptional efficiency
  • Sync or Async scheduling
  • Endpoint resolution caching
  • Endpoint execution caching

NetKernel is a software operating system. It is provided as an embeddable Java component, an Android component, a WASM browser service and as a full-stack enterprise-ready application client-server on Java, Android and WASM.

NetKernel provides an application level ROC environment that perfectly complements state of the art cloud platforms such as Kubernetes.

Platform – Unified Development and Operations

NetKernel Modules provide containerized encapsulation of libraries of microservice endpoints. NetKernel comes with thousands of ready-to-use microservices. Like Unix you can often solve your problem just by composing existing tools.

  • Modular dynamic deployment
  • Container isolation
  • Composable modular architecture

Everything is a resource. Even modules are dynamically composable like any other resource.

NetKernel makes it possible to achieve new levels of scale - it is not unusual (or even challenging) to create solutions consisting of thousands of distinct independent microservices.

Add-ons – Powerful extra capabilities to take your solution to the next level

Enterprise ready - telecoms class services are available to achieve unparalleled engineering excellence.

  • Application level load balancing over multiple network protocols with pluggable scheduling
  • L1, L2, L3 distributed caching hierarchies
  • Distributed virtual dependency cache control
  • Distributed time-machine debugging (visualizer)
  • Distributed profiling, monitoring, reporting, alerting



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We can help you design, create, test, operate and scale your resource oriented architectures.


We invented microservices. We have the experience and creative insight to solve your problem. Whether it's transforming a monolithic enterprise application or designing a cloud-native web-scale services platform, we've been there already and are ready to be your expert guide.


We invented resource oriented architecture patterns. We know what works and how to ensure you get optimal solutions that deliver and are flexible, to evolve and adapt to business change.


We can show you how to use NetKernel's unique engineering tools to measure, control and dynamically adapt solutions. We know how to optimize performance and deliver 5-9's operational reliability.


Monitor, capture operational exceptions, dynamically adapt and partition service configurations. Eliminate crime-scene investigation logging and learn how to catch the crime before, during and after it happens with time-machine debugging.


We invented it. We know it inside out. We'll teach you it. On-site and remote training plans are available including certification.


We're here to help. Development questions, code-review, testing, QA, production issues. We're your faithful partner and will always have your back.



The research behind NetKernel began as a project in HP Labs. Peter and Tony spun it out to form 1060 Research Ltd, before going on to discover the foundations of Resource Oriented Computing and creating NetKernel. They are the inventors of microservices, being the first to publically use the term "microservices" and to demonstrate resource oriented microservice architectures.

Dr. Peter Rodgers

Founder and CEO

Tony Butterfield

Founder and CTO
Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo.


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