We believe that computers should be fast, reliable and efficient.

Our platform helps organisations build software that is quick to build, simple to maintain and scales efficiently.

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Why use NetKernel®?

NetKernel is the Operating System for Automation.

We achieve this through our breakthrough in ‘dynamic-programming’ which automatically optimises code as well as enabling organisations to integrate applications internally and externally.

Significantly reduce code execution time

NetKernel® automatically decomposes code into sub-problems and stores and retrieves interim states as required. This significantly reduces execution times for larger problems.

Efficiently scale applications out or up across the Internet

The NetKernel® protocol is a platform-level transport mechanism that efficiently distributes resource requests across hardware to scale your applications out or up.

Access to a highly scalable, fault-tolerant infrastructure for software development

NetKernel® includes all the tools you need for building, integrating, orchestrating, deploying and running very large numbers of services at scale and all in the cloud.

Who uses NetKernel®?

Anyone who wants to economically develop distributed software at the IoT, enterprise or Internet level. 

From low power, fault-tolerant IoT systems; applications and workflow automatically executed and integrated across organisational boundaries; to high-end enterprise ready, computationally intensive systems.

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“Our risk engine was fine tuned, but our business processes around it weren't. NetKernel® has helped us optimise the execution of our calculations as well as manage our complex business processes. It's going to revolutionise how we calculate risk.”

Managing Director, Risk Department, Global Investment Bank



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